Forever is composed of Nows

The title of this post comes from a quote of the poet Emily Dickinson, in her poem of the same name. Ever since I found this quote, it has become my favorite. I try to live my life with this thought in mind. It inspires me to live in the moment.Forever is composed of Nows. 

What does that mean? Here’s my interpretation: the future is only an idea, something that we look forward to. Once it reaches us it becomes the present. The past is gone, we can look back on it, and remember the Nows that have already passed us by. The past is memories, and the future is dreams. All we really can control is what we do in the moment. We can use what we learned in the past, in the Now, to prepare for the future. But, the future is, by nature, unpredictable. All the countless dates, memories from the past, and the fears and hopes of the future flow into the present. 

The past and the future deserve our faith however, we can’t forget about them. That’s why study History, and we plan for our futures. But if we spend too much of our time dwelling in the past, or looking forward to the future. We miss the Now. Every passing second brings a new Now for us to live in. If we don’t seI’ve every moment then we lose it, and we can’t get it back. We can look forward to the experiences of the future, and be nostalgic for the experiences of our past, but if we fail to experience the present. It can’t be a memorable experience passed, or what we hoped it would be in the future, it’s gone. 

We have to be mindful of every moment and present for every Now, or we lose it.


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