First Days


The first few days of college have been the most hectic, but also some of the most fun days that I’ve ever had. I’ve met so many people, and I’ve definitely made some new friends. In this post, I’ll try to recount them as well as I can.

Thursday was the first day. After saying goodbye to my sisters as they headed out for school in the morning (suckers), Mom, Dad and I drove down to Crete. I drove by myself, jamming out the whole way. As soon as I got out of my car, I saw the kind of community that Doane college prides itself on. There were so many people who were excited (or at least it seemed like) to help me move in. Meeting my roommate for the first time was not as awkward as I expected. Sure, we’d been corresponding through text messages since July. After getting moved in, I had the last meal with Mom and Dad that I’ll have for a while. Saying goodbye to my Mom and Dad wasn’t half as difficult as I thought it would be. knew it would be like pulling off a band-aid, more painful the longer it took, so we kept our goodbye short and sweet. The rest of the day was jam packed with activities. We were welcomed by our Orientation Leaders and the President of the college. We went through an ordeal of taking a picture of the entire class of 2019. Then we did the stereotypical ice-breaker games. But the biggest ice-breaker game I’ve ever played and probably ever will play took place Thursday night. All day long we’d heard mumbles of this crazy thing called Playfair, but the OL’s kept it shrouded in a haze of mystery. Playfair was a giant icebreaker game, where we met as many people as we could. For a guy like me who finds it difficult to talk to strangers it was a little difficult but it was a ton of fun! After Playfair we had our first Directions meeting. We met with everyone else in Directions and the two awesome women in charge, who laid out the expectations for the year.

Friday was another hectic and busy day. We did more icebreakers and had our first class of the year. We did a campus-wide Scavenger Hunt/Tour where we learned about the different places on campus, and got to climb Merrill Tower and ring the bell on the completion of the Scavenger Hunt. Friday night, we listened to a couple of people who taught us about safe sex and consent in a very fun and humorous way. Then we did yet some more icebreakers with our Orientation groups. After that, we went to Halls Yeah! Halls Yeah! was a party put on by our RA’s where we got to meet with everyone in our dorm. For a bunch of “nerdy” kids, Hansen Hall had a pretty crazy Halls Yeah! We had cotton candy and other snacks, games, and music and dancing. I definitely had a lot of fun. After Halls Yeah, myself and some of my other suitemates took our first of many trips to Wal-Mart. By the second day, it was becoming easy to tell that I was definitely going to be pretty great friends with these guys. It was on this trip to Wal-Mart where I definitely felt like a college kid for the first time.

Saturday wasn’t quite as crazy as the first two days. But it was still very fun. We took a trip through Crete and met with the many businesses in town and got a ton of free stuff. After that was our first real chance at free time, most of us went to watch the football teams first scrimmage. But after that I came back and played some card games with the other Directions kids. All of the fraternities and sororities met with us and prepared Dinner for us that night. I got a little inspired to join the Greeks, but rushing doesn’t happen until the Spring. We then listened to a hilarious comedian named Eric O’Shea, after the awesome comedian, we had ice cream and played Bingo. Saturday night, most of us Directions kids had a movie night, where we watched some crappy romantic comedy and ate snacks. Some of the suitemates and I made a late night trip to Burger King.

Today was the last day before classes start tomorrow and we had nothing but free time. Those of us in Directions got to take a tour around the campus with our mentors to find our classes. I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my fellow Directions people. I took a pretty decent nap this afternoon. This evening was a great one. A few former Directions members and a couple of Directions people went to a Country dance hall on the outside of Lincoln, called Pla Mor, where I tried as hard as I could to keep up with the pro line and swing dancers. It was a blast, and I met a few new people.

I hope that the first few days of college were just a taste of what’s to come of the college experience. I’ve already made a bunch of friends, and met a ton of people and I know that there is more to come. I haven’t just pushed my comfort zone, but crushed it to bits and I am happy about it. I’m going to paraphrase John Green a little bit here with this quote.

“It was worth it to leave behind my minor life for grander maybes.” – John Green, Looking For Alaska.


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