I Think I’m Going To Like It Here.


Between staying up until all hours of the night talking with new friends or working on homework, waking up begrudging the day ahead of me, attending thought provoking classes, needing afternoon naps almost every day, and going to as many club activities as I can, I’d venture to say that I’m already starting to get a feel of the college experience.

I’ve made so many new friends since I got here, from the theatre kids that I was stupid to neglect hanging out with in high school, to the athletes and jocks, to the kids like myself that aren’t really either one. Everyone in college is a “cool kid” in their own right. Sure, there are jerks to act like they’re too cool to hang out with people who they see as being beneath them, but I’ve done my best to steer clear of these people. All of the people that I’ve spent time with are cool and they don’t shove peoples faces in it.

I have been pretty blessed to be able to be in a program with a bunch of like minded individuals who were all leaders in their high schools and are gladly bringing that sense of leadership to college with them. We’ve only gone on one outing together, I can already feel these people becoming a second family for each of us, despite not even knowing each other before coming here. We’ve all been blessed to have a lot of great people come through this program before us, all or most of them very willing to help us succeed and become a family like they did. The staff and teachers also believe very strongly in our program and want us to succeed as well.

These things are true not only for the Directions program, but for the college as a whole. Doane College prides itself on being a community, and as I walk around everyday I see this community. Instead of a bigger college experience, where it’s a huge group of people that are all out to succeed themselves. The faculty, the upperclassmen, and everyone around wants all of us to grow and change and succeed.

Sadly, I know in the back of my mind that things are going to get rough. Bad things are inevitable, classes will get stressful and there will be fights between friends. I will more than likely get a wave of homesickness. But, I’m going to try my best to battle through these struggles. Maybe I’ll come back and reread this post, remember how I felt on this blazing hot Wednesday afternoon, the kind of hopeful and happy zeal that I feel right now. I know that these difficult things will happen, but even the best rollercoasters have steep drops before the crazy heights.

There is truly no place like Doane. I think I’m going to like it here.


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