Emily Dickinson wrote that “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.” This poem from Emily Dickinson — which you can read here — is one of the most beautiful metaphors for hope I’ve ever read.

Hope has been represented with a plethora of metaphors in film and literature throughout the years. Theodore Roosevelt called it “the knot at the end of the rope”,  Aristotle calls it “a waking dream”. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, the sunrise in the darkest of nights. But, whatever metaphor for hope you like, there’s no denying it’s power.

Hope is what shines through the rough days, pulls us through the darkest times. Hope can be deep and complex. But, it can also be as simple as looking forward to Friday, because you know that you’ll be done with classes for the week.

I’ve found the importance of surrounding myself with people who inspire me to hope. From friends who drag me out of my mid-week funk when the stress of my work gets to be too much, to my girlfriend who believes in my dreams and helps me to reach them, even when I may not believe in them myself, to a family that supports me in my decisions.

I hope that you surround yourself with people who give you hope when all feels lost, when it feels like every decision you make is the wrong one, when the stress of life gets to be too much.

Don’t try to read into this, Mom, I’m looking at you, this isn’t an admission of a feeling of hopelessness. This is supposed to be a happy post. The reason I’m writing this post is because, even though it was an April Fools prank about being a contributor for the New Yorker, I found a hope in my writing abilities again and wanted to share my writing with the world. Also, I realized recently that I hadn’t written a blog post in almost a year and a half.

I hope you always remember that you shouldn’t define yourself by your worrying. Control the things that you can control. Take things a step at a time and everything will work itself out in the end. Admittedly, that advice is mostly for me, but it might be beneficial to you too.

Whatever representation of hope you choose to believe in, hold on to it with all you can. Celebrate it when you see it in others and try to share it when you see an absence of it.

Hold on to hope and because it’s a “thing with feathers”, it will lift you up on it’s wings and you will soar higher that you could ever believe.



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