First Days

The first few days of college have been the most hectic, but also some of the most fun days that I've ever had. I've met so many people, and I've definitely made some new friends. In this post, I'll try to recount them as well as I can. Thursday was the first day. After saying … Continue reading First Days



A song to go with this post. We're all selfish people. Now I know that's a very bold statement, but it's true. Our selfishness comes from our inability to imagine others complexly.  Now what do I mean by that, you may be asking? When we think of ourselves it's easy to see that we as … Continue reading Stories.


This post is inspired by a discussion I had with someone today about heroes, and what makes a hero, which was inspired by a discussion about Caitlyn Jenner. We can all argue that to be a hero, someone must be courageous, brave, and inspire others to do the same.   There is some disagreement in what … Continue reading Heroes.